Love Snaps: 7 Couple Photo Shoot Ideas For Valentine’s Day

February 12, 2018

Heart-themed cakes, lattes, desserts, and places just mean one thing: Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. With that in mind, couples friends, and even families are getting into the vibe by planning something special. Whether it’s travelling, going on a romantic date, or simply staying in, Valentine’s always give us a reason to celebrate with our loved ones.

While there a million ways to spend Valentine’s together, coming up with little surprises could be a wonderful way to treat your significant other. This Valentine’s make your day memorable with these romantic photo shoot ideas that will surely preserve your memories together. However whatever you do, what matters most is that you’re together. Here are 7 lovely couple photo shoot ideas:

image by Ace Valdez

The First Time We Met

What could be more romantic than visiting the place where you first met? Head to that special spot and re-enact how you first met. If you met online or overseas, all you have to do is get creative and use the magic of photoshop to recreate that moment. To make it more fun, use your trusty instant camera to capture pictures!

image by Eileen

Spell it out

Nothing is cuter than posing with letter balloons. Whether you want to display your names or an inside endearment balloons provide a light and happy atmosphere for photo shoots. In addition, it effortlessly helps accentuate the photos without trying too hard. For effects, you can tape the balloons onto a wall, tie them on props, or you can even use the floor and create an illusion with creative poses.

image by CMOSsPhotography


Although not ideal for all couples, a Valentine’s cosplay could be an adorable photo shoot idea. Choose your favorite characters and play it out for the camera. Make the most out of your photo shoot by capturing your one-of-a-kind experience with Fujifilm’s X-A5 mirrorless camera.

image by Allef Vinicius

Lights, Camera, Action!

Make your favorite movie come to life by picking your favorite scene and acting it out with your S.O. (significant other). Remember, the more accurate, the better! If you’ve got the whole day, you can either complete an entire movie or choose different scenes to collate into one photo book collection.

An OST to Remember

Whether you want to live out your own fantasy album cover or just make your personal “mixtape” photo shoot come true, both ideas would be a sweet and fun way to commemorate your love. Make sure to choose the right time of day to get the perfect natural lighting.

K-Drama Feels

Thanks to the never-ending stream of Koreanovelas in the Philippines, we’ll never be short of Korean-inspired themes or things to do. Take advantage of the cheap fares and fly to Korea for an extraordinary Valentine’s Day—and for an amazing real-life backdrop!