Summer Reading: Photography And Travel Blogs You Should Be Reading In 2018

April 23, 2018

Summer usually means slipping into summer dresses, hitting the beach, or taking a break to reconnect with nature. While many people go on vacation, some people choose to stay in to clean the house, finish chores, run errands, or simply relax and read books. If you’re into photography and are looking to replenish your reading list, here are some amazing photography and travel blogs you should be reading:

Photo Focus

Photo Focus doesn’t just offer photography tips but has a whole lot of other photography-related topics like gear guides, to news, to podcasts. If you’re a techie, you can also check out their tutorials.  

Eric Kim Photography

Whether you’re looking to improve in the field or sharpen your post-production skills, Eric Kim blogs offer the sagest and friendliest advice. His blogs are always a fun read with good insights to boot, not just on photography, but on other hobbies too.


Known for featuring creative and innovative photography projects, Fstoppers offers tutorials, reviews, and expert guides as well. They also feature the latest industry news and original articles from photographers and videographers highlighting behind the scenes videos and productions.

The Sartorialist

Whether you’re looking for fashion inspiration or want to explore beautiful street fashion photography, Scott Schuman, the man behind The Sartorialist, shoots and curates one of the most chic collections of fashion-forward images from the streets of Paris, New York, Italy, and more.


If you want to be in the loop of everything that relates to photography, PetaPixel is your go-to website as you will find no shortage on inspiration and handy tips. This website offers the latest news, and other interesting blogs about photography. Who wouldn’t want to read about “Photo of Loneliness in New York City”?

Feature Shoot

From documentaries to portraits to travel and many more, Feature Shoot offers interesting photography blogs that will spark your curiosity about real-life subjects, personalities, and nature from up-and-coming, international, and established photographers. Since they launched in 2008, the website has accumulated an archive of over 3000 features.

The Poor Traveler

According to blog’s owners, Yoshke and Vins, they created the website to provide tips and practical guides on how travellers can make the most out of their trips on a budget. What makes The Poor Traveler’s blogs interesting is their stunning shots from places around the world.