The New
Fujifilm X-series

A New Level of X-Series photography

Get creative everyday and capture quality photos with ease. The XT10’s lightweight and compact body is made for enhanced operability. Its exquisitely designed dials allow you to quickly adjust the settings with ease.

Image Quality

New X-Trans CMOS III

The Fujifilm X-Pro2 is the first to feature the newly-developed 24.3MP X-Trans CMOS III APS-C sensor which has the highest pixel count for an X-Series camera. With an XF lens, it produces images with resolution greater than the number of pixels used. Its high ISO sensitivity performance has also been improved up to the maximum ISO 12,800 and extended output sensitivity of 51,200.

X-Trans CMOS III Sensor

  • 1: Microlenses
  • 2: X-Trans Color Filter
  • 3: L/R Light Interception Filter
  • 4: Phase Detection Sensor / Green Filter Pixel
  • 5: Photodiode

Image Quality

New X Processor Pro

The newly developed X-Processor Pro engine delivers processing speeds of up to four times the conventional model, which maximizes the capabilities of the X-Trans CMOS III sensor to ensure highest image quality and super-fast response times.

Image Quality

Film Simulation

With 80 years of perfecting the skill of color reproduction, Fujifilm has mastered the technical ability to reproduce colors and tones that highlight the texture of the subject and deliver a three- dimensional look to images. This technology is alive and well in the X-Pro 2’s Film Simulation feature, which allows the user to change color and tone settings to match the subject, scene, and creative intent, as if shooting with a roll of film.

Shot by
Rommel Bundalian


Advanced Hybrid Multi Viewfinder

Fujifilm has perfected the Advanced Hybrid Multi Viewfinder of the X-Pro2, which has three viewing options. It combines the advantages of the OVF and EVF, so you can return to the roots of photography.

Electronic Rangefinder

You can check focus, angle-of-view, exposure, and white balance in real time, even when taking pictures through the OVF with the ERF. It simultaneously displays a small EVF window in the optical viewfinder, which can be displayed in three different ways: 100% FOV, 2.5x and 6x magnification.


Diopter Adjustment

The Fujifilm X-Pro2 features an advanced optical viewfinder system, which has been improved by moving the eye point from 14mm on the previous model to 16mm. It also includes a diopter correction dial to make the viewfinder more comfortable to use.

depth of field preview

The Depth if Field Scale can be selected for film reference display in addition to conventional pixel reference.

Electronic viewfinder (EVF)

Check the LCD panel’s image and information here

Optical viewfinder (OVF)

Check the LCD panel information on optical image here

Electronic rangefinder (ERF)

Displays the enlarged focus area on the optical viewfinder


Create masterpieces with the Fujifilm X-Pro2’s simplicity that maximizes practicality. Its body has been designed for quick fingertip control of major exposure settings as well as ease of use of key features such as the viewfinder and highly customizable menus.


Whatever the shooting condition, you can take pictures at anytime with the X-Pro2. Its body is made from magnesium alloy that features a dust-proof, splash-proof, and freeze-proof structure, as well as durable focal plane shutter and dual card slot.

  • 1/8000 sec. Shutter Speed
  • Dual SD Card Slot
  • Durable Magnesium Body


In-camera RAW Converter

The Fujifilm X-Pro2 has a built-in RAW data converter that lets you view results before transferring the data to a pc. This feature takes into account exposure compensation, white balance, and other in-camera image quality settings, and lets you apply Film Simulation modes in the converter mode.

Camera Remote Feature and WIFI Transfer

Trigger the camera release from your smartphone or tablet with the new dedicated Fujifilm Camera Remote application. You can also control and apply other settings like Film Simulation, self-timer, flash, and even adjust focus from your phone with Touch AF.

  • In-camera RAW Converter
  • Camera Remote Feature and WIFI Transfer

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